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جهاز افكار   FVCI

FVCI - FCAR PassThru J2534 Reflash/Diagnostics VCI

1.   Product Description
FVCI is an advanced PASS-THRU device researched and developed by FCAR. Thisproduct is designed with three ARM microprocessors, which makes its processingcapacity and extensibility stronger, and enables it to support the OEM softwarebetter. It supports J2534-1 protocol completely and incorporates many optionalfeatures published in J2534-2. It will support other protocols for free later.In addition, the hardware of FVCI supports multiple communication modes of DOIPprotocol, and any combination of Ethernet(tx_+, tx_-, rx_+, rx_-) and activeline in OBD2 is viable, except for ground pins and power pins.
2.  Hardware Features

    • High-end PASSTHRU flagship product,made from superior materials, with high instrument accuracy, completelysupports J2534 protocol.

    • Creatively designed with3independent ARM microprocessors, powerful performance, better support for theOEM software, and strong extensibility.

    • Supports 3 variousautomobilecommunication protocols (CAN, single wire CAN, KWP, PWM, VPW, SCI, etc.) to runsimultaneously, without interference.

    • Supports multiple communicationmodes of DOIP protocoland any combination of pins during Ethernet portconverting to OBD port.

    • Aluminum alloy shell, non-slipdesign, high-quality communication cable.

      3. FunctionIntroduction
      3.1  Support OEMSoftware Function
      Install the OEM diagnostic software on the computer, which is generally basedon the Windows operating system. Run the software after connecting the computerto the FVCI, and then you can proceed with operations of reading DTCs, readingdata streams, etc.

      3.2   Support OEM Reprogramming Function
      Reprogramming includes refreshing the vehicle ECU (vehicle computer) programfunction to correct errors, improve power, optimize performance, etc., as well askey programming and associated configuration, setup and security functions. Thereprogramming software needs to be bought on the official website of eachvehicle manufacturer. Most functions need to be implemented by connecting tothe Internet. 

      Install the reprogramming software on the computer; connect the computer to theInternet and to the FVCI as well. Following the steps in the reprogrammingsoftware to operate, you can reprogram the vehicle ECU.

      3.3    Hardware Function

3.4  J2534Function