اللهم ان كان رزقى فى السماء فأنزله وان كان فى الارض فأخرجه وان كان بعيدا فقربه وان كان قريبا فيسره وان كان ميسرا فبارك لنا فيه فبارك لنا فيه اللهم اااامين

جهاز افكار F6 PLUS لكشف وفحص اعطال السيارات

ضد الصدمات والمياه ويتحمل الشحوم والزيوت والحراره وله شاشه  Touch Screen وبه Bluetooth  و  WiFi ويعمل بنظام Android

F6 PLUS  12V Passenger & Light Commercial Vehicles

F6 PLUS  12V  Passenger  &Light Commercial

F6 PLUS, Android based brand new all-in-one diagnostic solution with WIFI and Bluetooth, featuring waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-drop and anti-oil, covering over 80 manufacturers from America, Asia, Europe, supporting powerful basic, special diagnostic and maintenance functions, diagram wiring, remote support and online





Three-proofing IP67 protection industry class




8inch,16:10,800*1280IPS screen

     Display Screen

5dotcapacitive screen, G+G, hardness 7H+, scratch-resistant, TP

thickness: 1.1mm, COF, support hand writing

       Touch Screen


thickness: 1.1mm, COF, support hand writing


WIFI 802.11(a/b/g/n)   Frequency:2.4G+5.8G dual band WIFI


Android 4.4

Operation System

High/Low/Single CAN supported


CAN K-LINE/L-Line Commercial Maker




Based on Android system, equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth.
IP67 rating allowing F6plus against dust, water, shock and bumps.
Fast booth-up and multitasking.
Support powertrain, body, chassis and information systems etc.
Support quick test for most vehicles.
Support automatic detection system.
Support one key update/recognition/complaint.
*Records and playback test report.
Support live data in text, graph and gauge format.
Support freeze frame data.
Support multi language.
Instant support available from FCAR technical team via TeamViewer.
With diagram wiring, technical information, diagnostic solutions and maintenance services.
Support multimedia entertainment, instant messaging and data sharing.
Extensive vehicle coverage: Over more than 80 Asian, American and European passenger cars, LCV, SUV, Van

Compatible with latest 2015/2016/ model and some even can support 2017.
Compatible with both EOBD and OBDII protocol
Support key coding/long coding for some vehicles.
Powerful basic and special functions for all vehicles.

ضمان سنه مع تجديد برامج سنتان مجانا من الانترنت مباشره شامل  للغات الانجليزيه والفرنسيه والعربيه ولغات اخرى

فحص وكشف اعطال السيارات الاوربيه والاسيويه والامريكيه

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